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Keep Oregon Beautiful: Paper Promo

Keep Oregon Beautiful was a conceptual paper promo created for a class project. During the summer of 2016, a friend of mine was visiting Portland, OR to check out a potential internship and invited me to come with her. Never having traveled west, I jumped on the opportunity for a little adventure in my life. As an Indiana native, I had never been exposed to any type of scenery other than a few trees here and there and miles upon miles of flat, boring grassland, so you can imagine that I was blown away by everything that Oregon had to offer.

I was ultimately inspired by how important Oregon's environment was to those who had lived there. A local I had talked to expressed that if there was any word of trees coming down to sell off a plot of land, the public had something to say about it. Additionally, mainly in Portland, there was a heavy appreciation of design and arts culture that made me fall in love with the area even more.

Conceptually speaking, for this project I created a set of three, die cut brochures that would be created in a partnership with Neenah Paper and Paper Jam Press, a well-know letterpress in the Portland area. I loved the simplicity of Paper Jam Press prints, which consisted of quotes from popular hip-hop and rap songs from the early 90s. The brochures were meant to bring awareness about environmental conservation and wellness in Oregon and to promote Neenah Environment Papers. I focused on three different regions: Multnomah Falls (forested areas), Cannon Beach (the coast), and the Pearl District in Portland (city). Each brochure was hand illustrated and printed on a different Neenah Environment Paper.

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