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Ball State Field Trips 

"Ball State Field Trips aims to create powerful learning tools for elementary students and teachers across the state in celebration of the bicentennial. Indiana Pioneers: 200 Years of Incredible Hoosiers and Big Ideas is all about our state’s history and the people that made it."

During the summer of 2016, the Digital Corps of Ball State University revamped a project formally known as Electronic Field Trips and created the new and improved, Ball State Field Trips. The project focused on taking students on educational, virtual field trips to featured locations around the world. In the past, for each location, a live show was produced and streamed directly to classrooms. In addition to that tradition, an interactive app featuring additional video, articles, activities, and photos was created to compliment the live stream. I was given the opportunity to co-lead the rebranding and design of the app along with designer, Grace Winiger, and also worked alongside developers, videographers, and a team of UX designers. The theme for this Field Trip was called "Indiana Pioneers: 200 Years of Incredible Hoosiers and Big Ideas", celebrating Indiana's Bicentennial. The project attracted over 250 educators and 6,000 elementary students across 91 different cities across Indiana.

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