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Architecture for Extreme Environments

During the Spring of 2017, a project was proposed by the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University to create an interactive experience. The Digital Corps organized and created the two websites below to showcase the experiences of architecture students tackling extreme weather within the United States and building structures to withstand them.

The main site gives an overview of the project and hosts blog postings of current trips, upcoming ventures, and first hand stories from the students and professors exploring locations with extreme weather. The main site also contains links to previous trips that take the user on an interactive, unique experience. The Heat website explores the first trip taken on by the Extreme Weather team and showcases Death Valley National Park, the hottest and driest place in North America. On the site, the user is able to view student work, information about Death Valley, it’s history and culture, and much more.


︎American Advertising Awards Student Best in Show Addy
︎American Advertising Awards Student Gold Addy in Digital/Interactive
︎AIGA 2017 Flux Design Competition
︎Exhibited in Frederick, Maryland

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Team Leads

Leah Callahan, Ian Buchanan, Emily Mixter, Grace Winiger, Anna Weddle, Michael Adair, Tara Williams, Dustin Grissom, Madde Jordan, Viveka Melo,
and Miller Kern

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