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NEW!  Seahawks Pro Bowl Promotion - 2019 ︎

My Cause, My Cleats - Russell Wilson ︎

12s Take Flight - Seahawks Murals︎

Seattle Seahawks︎ 

University of Washington - IHME︎ 

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Sydney Noland:
designer, illustrator, &
50% black girl magic 

Greetings beautiful ray of sunshine. I’m Sydney, a graphic designer based in Renton, WA. My home base is currently with the Seattle Seahawks, working full-time as their in-house Digital Media Designer on the Digital Marketing Team. Here, I get to use my skills and talents to create engaging visual content across all of our digital platforms. 

When I’m not doodling on my iPad, you can find me kayaking, hiking, and adventuring around the beautiful PNW. 

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Top 5 clifton Strengths

1. Restorative︎
2. Significance ︎
3. Strategic  ︎
4. Relator ︎
5. Connectedness ︎

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