Splish Splash Soaps

Packaging Design

The challenge for this project was to take a common product and design packaging that would appeal to three different age groups: twenty-year-olds, forty-year-olds, and sixty-year-olds. This project encouraged me as a designer to study a target audience and thoroughly research whom I was designing for based on their buying habits, preferences, wants, and needs.

20 Year olds

Through research, I came to the conclusion that twenty-year-olds were more attracted to products that were personalized and unique with trendy colors. I also wrote the body text to have content that was witty and sassy. The QR code included also relates more with this generation.

40 Year olds

When researching forty-year-olds, I found that many in this age group were attracted to products that would make you feel and look younger. I came to the conclusion that this generation was also into the latest trends and would stay up to date on what is in style. The Facebook icon would also most likely appeal to this age group who are actively gaining presence on social media. Additionally, I gathered some research from my mother, who is attracted to neon and pastel colors, organic products, and goods that look “refreshing”.

60 Year olds

As I researched sixty-year-olds, I learned that a product's exterior appearance was not as important as product functionality. However, it was essential that I did not design something that could possibly offend this age group. I made the packaging pretty simple and not too gaudy with clear text that was easy to read. I went with a design that I knew my grandma would be drawn to: a limited, neutral color palate with text that was direct and legible. The crocheted holder also works as a washcloth.