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Print and Digital Design

The work below is a collection of some of my favorite work that I created during my internship with the Seattle Seahawks throughout their 2017 season. As an intern with this organization, I took on a wide variety of projects that challenged, pushed, and improved my overall design skills. Creating work within the sports industry gave me an entirely new perspective on graphic design and how to bring energy into my work. Many of the projects included, but were not limited to: email marketing, banners, informational signage, social media graphics, digital media ads, brochures, and much more, which all reached the Seahawks vast fan base and helped strengthen the brand creatively in it’s identity.


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Delta Sky360°Club Gameday Signage & digital Assets

Below is a set of digital ads and printed signage that was created and displayed during gamedays throughout the Delta Sky360°Club level of CenturyLink Field. The materials were used to advertised various pregame events, showcase featured food and beverages of the game, and other information that would be useful to club level guests. Ads were created individually and catered to each home game.

Sustainability Practices at Centurylink Field

A series of infographics were created to spread awareness about sustainability efforts made by CenturyLink Field, “one of the most environmentally friendly sports facilities in the world,” as stated on the official Seahawks Instagram page. The three infographics that were created for the Seahawks page received about 8,000 likes each. Additionally, the following graphics were displayed at CenturyLink Field during pregame against the Houston Texans on October 29, 2017 to a crowd of over 60,000 people.

Animations (on Instagram) created by Dominic Campese
Video (for the stadium) developed by Madeline Down

Email Marketing Headers

Below are a variety of headers and advertisements that were used in email marketing.

Suite Wine Tasting

During gamedays, suite level guests had the opportunity to participate in wine tasting. Below is an email design that was sent out to these guest by First & Goal Hospitality a week before the game, that displayed a list of featured wines to look forward to. To the right is a design for wine tasting cards that displayed the wines that were available for that game and their locations.

CenturyLink Field Tours & Pro Shop Brochure

A redesign of the CenturyLink Field Tours and Pro Shop Brochure. I designed this particular brochure to be more eye catching compared to past designs since it was competing with other events offered around Seattle in brochure stands.

Talking Rain Shopping Spree Facebook Ads

The following ads were created for Facebook to advertise a contest to win a shopping spree at the Seahawks Pro Shop, sponsored by Talking Rain Beverage Co. Due to Facebook rules on ads, any sort of type had to be limited, which proved to be a challenge for this particular project.

Seahawks Holiday Party

This year, I had the opportunity to design materials for the annual Seahawks Holiday Party. The theme was inspired by a mix of ice sculptures and the Northern Lights. For this particular project, I took a more illustrative approach to the design materials and also played with color and type.

Throughout the signage and other design assets, a single paint stroke was used to illustrate an abstract interpretation of the Northern Lights. This was achieved by using oil paint that was heavily diluted in linseed oil on dry erase poster board with a thick media brush. The left image is the original brush stroke and the right image has been manipulated in Photoshop.

Below are the different type options that were created as I explored ways to create an interesting header for the event.

An ice bar that was made in the likeness of my single paint stroke, created by a Seattle ice sculptor.

Seahawks Children's Holiday Party

Along with the adult holiday party, I also had the opportunity to take on the creative for the Seahawks Children’s Holiday Party materials. For this particular project, I wanted to try something that had never been done within the Seahawks brand before and wanted the materials to have a unique look that sparked company interest in the event.

For the imagery, I decided to create an illustration for the invite by using cut paper. Doing this gave the event a unique, celebratory look to it that I knew would attract parents. Although cut paper was not used for the signage, it inspired the remaining visuals that were later created on Adobe Illustrator.

Below are samples of the signage that was created for the event.

Christmas Social Media Graphics

Following the Children's Holiday Party, I also created Christmas themed imagery for the Seahawks social media platforms. Below are posts that were made on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

12 Flag Raising Card

The 12 Flag Raising Card was one of my ideas that came to life. The card was used as a photo card during the 12 Flag Raising ceremony before every game and gave fans access to photographs taken during that time that they could download after the game. It also acted as a keepsake item that fans could hold onto to remember that day.

Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Wallpapers

A set of free wallpapers created with the alternate logo for Seahawks fans. Want one of your own? Feel free to download them here!

Employee Appreciation Day

Each year the Seahawks come together to celebrate employee appreciation day, which is full of a variety of games, activities, food, and raffle prizes. This year, the event fell on Halloween, so those in charge of organizing the event decided to go with a spooky, fall-filled theme. For design materials, I created custom illustrations and used them to design a variety of boards, banners, thank you cards, and other materials that would be used both at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center and at CenturyLink Field. I individually designed and arranged the printing process of 32 (24”x 36”) signage boards, 20 (76” x 36”) banners, 300+ thank you cards, 200+ ballots (for the costume contest of course), and a custom photo backdrop for this event.

Concession Tv ads

The following ads were created to be displayed at concession stands around CenturyLink Field on gamedays. The ads were simply created to display the various sponsors of the Seahawks.

Military Streamers

Although these were never officially used, below was an idea presented by our Community Outreach team who wanted to create special military streamers to present to those serving and based in Washington state. They are hoping to continue experiment further with this idea in the future.

Staff Family BBQ and Picnic

Flyer created for the Seahawks 9th annual family BBQ picinic, a day filled with food and activites for staff and their families.

Safeway Drawing Board

These two 24"x36" boards were created for an event during the Seahawks Training Camp called the Safeway Drawing Board. Children had the opportunity to draw their favorite player and the best drawing would win tickets to a Preseason game. The creation of these boards involved using illustration, photo editing, and experimenting with typography.

Season Ticket Holder Scavenger Hunt

These boards were created to reveal to two lucky guests that they had been selected to receive Seahawks season tickets for the 2017 season. The boards were located in various spots of CenturyLink Field and included clues that eventually lead them up to a photoshoot with Blitz, Blue Thunder, the Sea Gals, and of course, their season tickets.

A video of the scavenger hunt can be see here.