Medley Multicultural Library

digital illustration, Packaging, Web, and UX/UI Design

Medley Multicultural Library is a conceptual organization that encourages the representation of other cultures within children's literature. For 21 years in between the years of 1994 - 2014, the percentage of children’s books containing multicultural themes has stayed well below 15% with the US population being 37% minority (2012). The United States is projected to be a majority minority country in the year of 2043 and these children of multicultural backgrounds are not being represented enough in children's literature.

The campaign incorporates five different elements that include; an identity system, a discovery app, an information site for parents, bookmarks and stickers, and packaging for a book club.


At the beginning of the design process, I created an inspiration board to help develop the look and feel of Medley, which included various photos, typography, and textures. I wanted the photography to represent my target audience (children, parents, minorities), a feeling of nurturing, sense of discovery, and playfulness.


After the look and feel was established, I focused on the illustration aspect of the brand. This was the most important element of the identity system because if the organization was focused on representation, I wanted to make sure that it too was diversified and showed a variety of backgrounds. I enjoyed this part of the process the most because I had the power as a designer to represent children who are not seen often in children’s books or in the media in general.

Medley Discovery App

Next, the Medley Discovery App was created to help expose and immerse children into more multicultural themes, but in a more fun and interactive environment. The child is able to choose a character of their interest, have their story read to them and then earn a trophy upon completing the book. As the child collects trophies, they are able to win prizes such as bookmarks and stickers.

Bookmarks and Stickers

A variety of bookmark and sticker designs that can be won as prizes by collecting Medley Trophies.


>The website for Medley Multicultural Library is a resources for parents, educators, and those who are interested or want to learn more about the organization. The site discusses statistics about representation within children's literature, how the organization wants to help, a sign up form for the Medley Book Club, and a contact form for questions.

Medley Book Club Packaging

Each month, the child who is a part of the book club would receive a set of books representing various minority backgrounds. The packaging was made to look like a gift to get children excited about reading and learning the stories of cultures other than their own.