Bird's Smokehouse BBQ Food Truck

digital illustration, Packaging, and Web Design

Bird’s Smokehouse BBQ is a family owned restaurant located in Daleville, Indiana and a hotspot for slow cooked barbecue and fresh made sides. As a class project, I designed a food truck to represent their current restaurant and other elements that included a menu, food packaging, and website design. I gave the truck a fresh, sleek look, in order to attract a younger crowd, but created a design that related to those customers who had been eating at the restaurant since they opened their doors.

Casual, comfortable, and country were three words that came to mind when I did visual research on the restaurant and I made it a goal to evoke those descriptive words in the design of the food truck. Their original logo of a flying pig also played a role in the personality of the final designs. Additionally, a wide variety of typography was used to reinforce new emotions other than the ones gained from research in order to draw in a new crowd. These adjectives included: contemporary, southern, rustic, and homestyle. Inspiration was also drawn from the exterior components of the restaurant and incorporated within the food truck.


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