bConnected: Ball State University

UI/UX design

For this project, a team was gathered to help with the redesign of a popular app known as bConnected that is used by Ball State University students. The powerful app connects students to their course schedule, testing lab availability, classmates, grades, and more. Our team worked to better the app's usability and to update the interface to resemble a more modern design.


Digital Corps


UX/UI Designer


Aaram Kamali
Billy Barry
Chase Thiebaut

Original Design

Example of user flow in the application before the redesign.

Wireframes (Dashboard)

As our team went through the design process, we realized that the flow through the app involved a lot of repetitive clicks in order to access important content, but at the same time, the user could easily find what they were looking for and get back to their starting point easily. Our team worked to eliminate the numerous different pages the user had to navigate by grouping together sections with similar content and making important information more readily available for the viewer.

We presented the client the idea of a dashboard, that gave the user access to popular content that could be viewed quickly. We chose these categories for the dashboard based on Google analytic data, online surveys, and student interviews.

Wireframes (Hamburger)

For the additional sections that were removed from the main screen of the original design, we moved them into a hamburger menu due to the fact that these categories linked out to external applications. The menu also included information about the app and a logout option.

Wireframes (Course Schedule)

Course Schedule was the highest ranked feature of the app based on the data our UX team gathered. We decided to bring out the students’ course schedules and place it within an accordion menu on the dashboard. This made it easy for the viewer to see class days, times, and location in one tap, but also left room so that the other categories of the dashboard were visible.

The other features within the app were also reorganized so that there was better accessibility to information..